Working Mother Covered Herself in Breast Milk Bags to Prove an Important Point About Working Moms

Oct 21, 2016 at 1:02 pm |

She speaks the truth!

Any woman who’s ever had, or wanted, to return to the workforce just weeks after their child was born knows the struggles of being a new mom in the workforce. Although I now live in the United States, I am very thankful I lived in Canada when I had all my children and I was able to enjoy the one year maternity leave that Canada offers.

We know that United States’s maternity leave is terrible, and many new moms are forced to return to work much earlier than they would have liked, simply to keep their jobs. Mom of 2 and artist Kasey Jones has just released a photo series bringing attention the important issues facing working mothers.

Instagram / @kaseyjones_art

Credit: Instagram / @kaseyjones_art

Mom and artist Kasey Jones has created a ‘Working Mother Suit’ out of breast milk bags as part of a photo series highlighting how hard it can be for new moms to return to the workforce.

Hearing what she has to say makes me nod my head in agreement!