Would You Ever Let Your Mother Name Your Baby? Here’s What Happened When One New Mom Did

Jun 10, 2016 at 10:55 am |

But she did this for a very touching reason

The one thing I did wrong when I was pregnant with my second child is that I asked everyone for their opinions when it came to naming my baby. I mean, I heard every opinion, suggestion and rejection in the world to the point in which I would have named my son X according to what my family liked and didn’t like (in other words, they didn’t like anything).

But would I ever allow someone else to name my child? Probably not, because that’s the one decision that should be reserved for both the mother and father of a newborn baby. Because after all, you created the little bundle of joy!

But for one new mother, she allowed her own mom to name her newborn, and for the most amazing reason as well. Warning, this is definitely a tearjerker!

sarah ingham

Credit: YouTube / The Ingham Family Of FIVE!

One pregnant woman let her mother name her baby and here’s what happened.

But she did this for a very touching reason.