You Are Not Fat, You Had A Baby – Tips To Lose The Baby Weight

Apr 24, 2016 at 1:59 pm |

Post-Prego Tummy Keeping You Down? Here Are 6 Tips To Help You Feel Svelte Again!

It’s annoying and uncomfortable: it’s your post-pregnancy belly. Even if you consider your stretch marks a badge of honor, you’re allowed to be bothered by a bloated, floppy tummy.

We moms have all been there – maybe you become hyper aware of it every time your only choice is pants with an elastic waistband, or you weigh yourself and think that there’s no way you could have put on 5 pounds overnight.

There’s good news – you probably didn’t gain 5 pounds overnight, unless yesterday you competed in a championship eating contest. The bad news: you’re bloated and hormonally in flux, and it’s making you feel and look way worse than you should.

But with a few tweaks to your lifestyle, you can shrink your tummy and buy pants with a button and zipper again (only if you want to).

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A bloated post-pregnancy belly doesn’t mean you’re fat – just uncomfortable. Here are 6 tips to reducing belly size.

Let's Work On That Post Pregnancy Belly!