You Have To Love This Completely Honest Belly Shot

Nov 18, 2016 at 9:45 am |

Because even fitness bloggers have stomach rolls.

If you are a woman, especially a woman who has had children, chances are you have felt self-conscious about your stomach at some point or another in your life. Some women are born with completely flat stomachs, like my sister, who I swear to you had a six-pack when she was eight years old that has never gone away, while others, like yours truly, have always had a bit of some Winnie-the-Pooh roundness action goin’ on — and let’s face it, having four kids has not done my stomach any favors. (Except, of course, for the favor of giving me four kids, thanks stomach!!)

The point is, somewhere along the way, soft, rounded bellies went out — and all through history, they were totally in, let’s not forget that — and hard, flat, chiseled abs went in. And while fitness bloggers are popping up faster than my kid’s next diaper change, the world of fitness blogging is a deceptive one.

Sure, anyone can look perfect posed and filtered, especially if they happen to have professional pictures of themselves taken, but the reality of how those fitness bloggers look can be a bit different from what you are seeing on your phone.

Ashlie Molstad Foodie Girl Fitness

Credit: Facebook / Foodie Girl Fitness

Fitness blogger decided to show off her truthful body and share a very important message while doing so.

You have to see this honest belly shot from a popular blogger to see what I’m talking about here.