You Need to Throw Away Those Teething Tablets and Gels Immediately!

Oct 3, 2016 at 10:31 am |

More bad news for parents!

A few years ago and way before I became a mother, I remember sitting on a plane that was waiting to take off while hearing a baby nearby screaming to no end. I mean, it was pretty awful and I was already regretting the eight hours long-haul flight in front of me with someone else’s kid screaming bloody murder right next to me.

Because I was much younger, I wasn’t as tolerant with babies being around me as a I am now (motherhood will do that to you), so when the woman next to me quietly suggested that the baby’s mother should rub some alcohol on the baby’s gums to shut him up (her words, not mine), I thought it was a GREAT idea. She also said the baby was most likely teething and that we might as well put our earplugs on because it was going to be a long flight.

Of course, I now know that administrating alcohol in any kind of way to your children is never a good idea, yet I often wondered what kind of methods other parents used for their children during those awful teething periods.

Now there’s a report that says we need to be super careful about the teething tablets and gels that we give our kids because according to the FDA, they’re not safe!

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The FDA is warning against homeopathic teething remedies.

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