Dispute Over Dirty Dishes Goes Horribly Wrong

Sep 27, 2016 at 11:15 am |

Another senseless argument involving guns

As a mother, I make a lot of threats, but sensible threats. You don’t clean your room, you get your screen time taken away from you.

You don’t eat your dinner properly, you can forget dessert.

And if you don’t put your dirty dishes in the sink like you’re supposed to, you can forget about eating from clean ones during your next meal.

In other words, we all have to take some responsibility for ourselves to make sure our household runs as smoothly as possible.

Unfortunately though, one man took the “clean the dirty dishes” issue to the next level and unfortunately, it’s something you wouldn’t otherwise expect.

Seriously, what world do we live in?!?!

dirty dishes

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One man is spending 12 years behind bars for shooting his sister’s boyfriend.

Now this is an argument gone way too far!