You Won’t Believe What Happened To This Toddler After A Day Care Worker Sat On A Bean Chair

Sep 12, 2016 at 10:42 am |

Another horrific tragedy coming from a day care.

Whenever I hear about tragic stories that happen at day cares, preschools or any kind of educational institution for that matter, it just makes me hug my children a little tighter at night and tell them I love them even more throughout the day. Because as I always like to tell friends, my two children are my most precious cargo.

That’s why I simply can’t stop thinking about a tragic event that happened to a precious 2-year-old boy at a Utah day care recently.

It’s tragic mostly because this could have easily been prevented. And once you’ll read this, you’ll know what I mean.

leonardo sanchez

Credit: GoFundMe/Danielle Sanchez

A new report says a toddler suffocates under a bean bag chair at a daycare.

Sad, tragic and so heartbreaking for everyone involved.