You Won’t Believe What Happened When This School Replaced Detention With Meditation

Sep 26, 2016 at 11:18 am |

Or maybe you will

When a child acts out in school, they typically received a detention. In my opinion, detentions usually do little to prevent bad behavior, and basically result in a child sitting bored in a classroom for an hour after school, or during lunch time.

One Baltimore school has decided to take a different approach when it comes to students who are misbehaving, and instead of serving time in detention, those kids are sent to meditate and reflect on their bad behavior.

The results have been amazing.

Holistic Life Foundation, Facebook

Credit: Facebook / Holistic Life Foundation

A school in Baltimore has done away with detention rooms in favor of a ‘Mindful Moment Room’ and the results have been amazing.

See how meditation changed this school