You Won’t Believe Why These Men Are Cradling Their ‘Baby Bumps’

Jun 27, 2016 at 11:44 am |

"Brewed with love"

You know how you sometimes have days where you’ve eaten so much you have no choice but to unbutton your pants to make some more room for your expanding waistline? Yeah, that happens to me whenever I visit one of my favorite locals!

Well, apparently we ladies aren’t the only ones who carry food bumps that look like baby bumps. One ad shows men cradling their beer bellies and let me tell you, the result is nothing less than hilarious.

You’ve got to see these!

beer bellies

Credit: Bergedorfer Bier

One German beer ad shows men cradling their beer bellies like pregnant mothers.

It’s a baby, no matter what’s in there!