Young Boy Has Way More Instagram Followers Than Most Of Us. Check Out Why He’s So Adored!

Mar 17, 2016 at 12:27 pm |

Meet the 4-year old with over 86k Instagram followers!

Talk about #hairgoals!

Farouk James already boasts more than 86,000 Instagram followers. Yes, THOUSANDS! And, he’s only 4-years old. That’s a lot of followers keeping up to date with the daily goings-on of a young boy.

The super cute tot has been modeling since he was only nine months old and his mom started his Insta account when he was just 2-years old. While Farouk’s awesome sense of style and super cute looks are why so many people follow him on Instagram, it’s also his long, naturally curly locks that tend to get most of the attention. As they should, because they’re fabulous!

Photo Credit: Farouk James/Instagram

Photo Credit: Farouk James/Instagram

“We hope to show the world that it’s okay for boys to have a long curly crown,” said Farouk’s Mom.

Farouk shows off his naturally curly hair