Young Girl Has One Wish For Her 3rd Birthday, Find Out Who She Wanted To Meet!

Apr 22, 2016 at 1:55 pm |

All together now, awwww!

Three-year-old Brooklyn Andracke from Bloomington, Illinois, really loves Thursdays. Not because she has a special fun activity planned on Thursdays, or because she gets to go somewhere special on Thursdays, but because Thursdays are garbage days.

That’s right — Brooklyn Andracke loves Thursdays so much because it means she gets to see her “favorite, awesome, smiley, garbage man.” She looks forward to that day so much that when it was her birthday recently she couldn’t wait to give him one of her birthday cupcakes.

City of Bloomington Facebook

Photo Credit: City of Bloomington Facebook

A three-year-old girl from Illinois couldn’t wait to give her favorite garbage man one of her birthday cupcakes.

See why Brooklyn gave the garbage man a birthday cupcake!