Young Reporter Who Broke A Murder Story Responds To Her Critics

Apr 7, 2016 at 4:22 pm |

She's not your typical reporter!

Hilde Kate Lysiak isn’t your typical reporter. That’s because she’s only nine years old. But, if you think her age keeps her from being a real journalist, who hunts down stories and investigates the breaking news of her community of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, you’d be dead wrong.

Just last week Hilde was the first reporter on the scene of a murder in a local neighborhood. After hearing about the police activity, Hilde hustled to the area, spoke with neighbors and police officers on the scene and broke the story, beating local news and filming a short video. However, her reporting on hard news and crime stories like this one isn’t sitting well with some folks.

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Photo Credit: Orange Street News/YouTube

After a 9-year-old reporter broke the news of a local murder, some people have been commenting that she’s way too young and should be playing with dolls instead!

See the negative reaction this young reporter is getting and her response.