Your Best Hair Days All Depends On Your Period Cycle

Mar 15, 2016 at 5:35 pm |

From raging hormones to bad hair days, we can thank PMS!

When it comes to my period cycle, I’m an angry, sensitive and emotional mess. Seriously, on some days I feel like my PMS is hitting me like an oncoming truck followed by days in which I don’t know where I am, who I am or why I’m crying.

Actually it’s not THAT bad (depending on who you ask around me), but apparently your menses not only control your raging hormones, but the condition of your hair.

Who knew good hair care was linked to your period cycle, right?

Apparently you can not only thank your period cycle for those acne breakouts, but for your good and bad hair days, too. If you want gorgeous locks like Jennifer Lopez, pay attention to that time of the month.

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Source: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Your hair care all depends on your period cycle.

How to care for your hair based on your period cycle.