Your Breastfeeding Pillow Might Be Dangerous For Your Child!

Aug 26, 2016 at 9:41 am |

Parental warning

Back when I breastfed my children, I used breastfeeding pillows for a number of different things. Of course I used them for the convenience of feeding my precious bundles of joy at the time, but I also used them as neck pillows (which proved to be great for traveling, ha!), foot rests, a temporary safe place for my baby and so much more.

Yet little did I know (along with thousands of other mothers out there), that breastfeeding pillows are doing our babies more harm than good. In fact, they are also behind so many tragic infant deaths that have been occurring in recent months.

Credit: Shutterstock

Credit: Shutterstock

Doctors are warning parents that some breastfeeding pillows might be unsafe for children.

It's used by so many people -- so how is it dangerous?!