Your First Look At What Lumiere and Cogsworth Look Like in the Live-Action ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Sep 1, 2016 at 9:16 am |

You’ve got to see this teaser trailer!

I’m not the huge Disney fan that I was a few years ago, but I almost always buy tickets to see the latest Disney movie at my local theater. Because let’s be honest here, if you’ve seen movies like ‘Inside Out,’ ‘Zootopia,’ and the live-action ‘Cinderella’ you’ll know that these films never disappoint as they are entertaining enough for you to sit through with your kids (while also making you cheer and share a tear or two at the same time, too).

That’s why I’m super excited about the new live action ‘Beauty & The Beast’ film that comes out next year — and the trailer looks ahhhhhmazing.

The studio just released the first look of how Lumiere and Cogsworth will look like and they’re better than  I could have imagined!!

Emma Watson

Credit: Shutterstock

The new teaser trailer for the live action ‘Beauty and The Beast’ is here and it looks amazing!

I’m already planning my Mom’s Night Out for this one!