Your Parents Lied: New Study Shows There Is A Favorite Child In Every Family

Apr 13, 2016 at 1:58 pm |

Firstborns get preferential treatment.

I would feel like a horrible parent if I admitted to liking one child more than the other. While there’s no doubt that I love them the same, there’s a new study that says about 75 percent of parents prefer one child over the others – but they just don’t know it. Or maybe they aren’t admitting to it?!

Now, while I will say that I do have a child that is definitely the easier one in the family, I would hate to think that I’m favoring one over the other. But yet, that might be the case. The findings from the study revealed 74 percent of mothers and 70 percent of fathers confessed to liking one child more than another.


Photo via Pixabay

New research says 75 percent of parents admit to liking one child more than the other.

Find out if you favor one child more than the others.