You’ve Got To See Why These Father-And-Son Makeup Selfies Are Going Viral

Jul 1, 2016 at 8:05 am |

Boys wear makeup too!

You know, I’ve been doing my own makeup for several decades now, and yet I’m still unsure on how to apply eyeliner without making it look uneven or what foundation is the right color for me (because it changes every couple of months and especially during the summer months).

Yet, this ridiculously talented young man named Spencer Claus is killing it when it comes to his makeup looks and the best part is that his own father even participated in one of his shoots, too. But you’ve got to hear the reason behind it.

Credit: Twitter / @spxncxrx

Credit: Twitter / @spxncxrx

Spencer Claus’ makeup selfies with his parents are going viral in the most unexpected ways.

They're twinning and sharing a positive message