The Perfect Grandpa Sweater For Spring

By: Corinne Phipps





The Perfect Grandpa Sweater For Spring.  The long, narrow cardigan, which can be found in all shades, weights and materials from cotton to cashmere this year, is a perfect way to be cozy and chic at the same time.

What’s Out there

There are many great examples of the long cardigan sweater this year. My two current favorites are at Rugby and at that sweater Mecca, J. Crew. The Rugby version is thick cotton in a garnet color with varsity stripes. In fact, I have to say it looks remarkably like my father’s 1950’s vintage letterman’s sweater from high school. However, unlike my Dad’s, the cut is long, lean and so sliming. It’s a great way to stay warm without adding bulk. J. Crew’s version, in a multitude of colors, is a fine-gauge merino with decorative buttons. This sweater works well as a layering piece and is light enough to fit comfortably under a coat.

How to Work

It I also adore the grandpa sweater for the quirkiness and versatility it adds to a fall wardrobe. Paired with narrow jeans or leggings and boots, it lends a vaguely “just mucking about the paddock” air. Just wait until the new Nicole Kidman/Hugh Jackman pic Australia opens, this 30’s lady of the manor of the style will be all over the place.

For work…or for a more modern sensibility, take the thinner cardi, and layer over a tank, T or silk shell with a narrow belt and a pencil skirt. Again, a little emphasis on the waist and the long lines will be slimming and lend a casual elegance to your “another day, another dollar” outfit. I might add that I have always found it a bit more comfortable to sit at my desk in a sweater than in a jacket with less give around the shoulders. Add a big cuff and a tall heel for a polished finish.

See, Grandpa is just rockin’.

Written by Tanya Roth at urbandarling


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