Great Last Minute Gift Ides

Sometimes thinking of gifts for friends or even family can be quite challenging.  So after careful thought and research, we wanted to share some of the best ideas we have found for your last minute holiday gifts..


The Gift Card


Gift cards may not be the greatest gift of all time. But when you question exactly what a person wants, it’s a great way to get “close” to the perfect gift. Let them do the choosing and you both win.






Now this gift should not be processed food, but rather food from the heart! If you bake or cook, make some home made cookies, a fantastic lasagna or decorated candy. If you don’t cook, specialty spices or for the man on the grill, an assorted mix of rubs or BBQ sauces.




Personal Coupons


This gift is a personal favorite and always shows the person how much you care. Make sure you you offer the chore that the person dislikes the most, such as taking out the trash, windows, car wash, etc..  I really like this gift for kids to give their parents. Husbands, sit down with your kids and help make one for mom. Another personal coupon could be for a 15 minute foot massage, head massage, etc…you get the idea. Be creative and make sure it’s something the recipient would really appreciate!

these gifts cost nothing and can last into the months ahead….





Make Your Own Calender!


This is a great Idea for Grandparents or extended family members. It doesn’t take much time and happens to be fun! While you are at it, you can make one for yourself! If you have a MAC computer, you can do it right from I Photo, if you don’t there is a site you can go to called My Calerder Maker






The Gift Of Music


With  you can create a playlist for your friends that will last forever! Once you set up an account, you can create many playlists for all different purposes.  Christmas gifts, to cheer up a friend, a memory of a favorite event, etc…




Gifts for the world

Who could resist gifts from the heart that help our world. These gifts are always rewarding and for the right person may be the only thing some people may want!! There are many sites to go to such as there are plenty more to choose from, just google and take a look through and I recommend reading the reviews. Some sites will even send a mini gift to you along with the certificate of the animal you donated!



Hope these ideas have helped and if you have more, feel free to send in your own great ideas!!! Happy shopping everyone!!!



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