WIN IT! Halle Berry Keeps Nahla’s Lunch Cool!

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WIN IT! Tell us your child”s favorite lunch! And Win your choice of a lunch box and backpack combo!  Please like the article and Like us on Facebook.  Contest Ends July 18th 2011, 11:00  PM PST.
Nahla Aubry, 3, walks hand in hand with mom, Halle  Berry, on their way home from pre-school in West Hollywood, CA.  Halle Berry makes sure  Nahla gets a nutritious lunch and keeps it cool in an adorable pink insulated lunch bag.  The mouse lunch bag is one of Skip Hop‘s new line of Zoo Lunchies insulated lunch bags.  In addition to Nahla‘s cute pink mouse, there are seven other animals to choose from. Skip Hop even has matching backpacks, tableware, bath mitts and more with all the different animals.
Nahla‘s lunch bag features a roomy compartment for the larger food items and mesh pockets for small snacks, utensils or an ice pack.  They are easy to clean and the fun, friendly animal faces make lunch time so much fun.  The bag also has a convenient handle that little hands can grasp or it can attach to any backpack, to keep hands free.  Lunch doesn’t get much cuter than this!


Nahlas's Pink Mouse Lunch Bag, retails for $14 from Skip Hop



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59 thoughts on “WIN IT! Halle Berry Keeps Nahla’s Lunch Cool!”

  1. My daughter loves to eat peas, corn and hominy for lunch… and pretty much anything on MY plate 🙂

  2. Our daughter’s fav. lunch is spaghetti!
    Our oldest son’s is sloppy joes!
    And our youngest son is still mainly on breast milk!

  3. My daughter loves cheese cut into the shape of Mickey Mouse, Hot spicy Cheetos and diced chicken breast!

  4. My children love Healthy coated and baked Chicken strips with baked sweet potato fries and a fruit salad. Right now, I can’t keep them away from Watermelon.

  5. I like this article and you on FB (Addison Kat)
    My daughter likes chicken nuggets and fruit for lunch

  6. My daughter, Aubrey, loves a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!! She’s a pretty easy to please kid.. Love her to pieces!!!!

  7. My 5-year old daughter’s favorite is a cheese roll-up (tortilla with melted cheese inside), baby carrots with ranch, ripe bing cherries and milk. My 18-month old’s favorite lunch is chicken nuggets, any kind of beans (lima!), blueberries and milk.

  8. My kids’ favourite is good on Kraft Dinner, and I also mix in frozen peas – they love it!!!

  9. My 1yr old loves to eat brown/black rice with chicken, steamed broccoli/carrots, blueberries/blackberries with juice/water. sometimes ice cream as a treat 🙂

  10. My daughters favorite lunch is peanut butter and jelly sandwich with yogurt, goldfish crackerd and chocolate milk on the side. Thank you for the opportunity!

  11. My daughter, Angelina loves sweet potatoes! Her favorite lunch is turkey with sweet potatoes and pears for dessert! <3

  12. My daughters like turkey/cheese sandwich. My oldest one has a owl backback/lunch box. 🙂

  13. All four of my kids love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and yogurt for lunch. Every day.

  14. My 8-year-old loves corn dogs and could probably eat them every day for the rest of his life! My 5-year-old boy likes noodles and toasted waffles.
    (I like you on FB)

  15. My kids love anything with fruit. 4yr- she loves grilled chicken breast, cucumbers and rice. My 2yr he loves anything with pasta or cheese. 1yr old- just loves anything I give him, he’s on a quacamole kick right now. Would the mate fit in the backpack? That would be a perfect combo for restaurant trips 🙂 LOVE Skip Hop items we have 🙂

  16. Not really a lunch item, but a favourite snack of ours is celery with peanut butter or cheeze whiz. Mmmmm.

  17. My daughter loves peanut butter and jelly, grapes, carrots and dip.. of course some organic milk, too 🙂

  18. My little guy is too small for “lunches” right now, but he does love his bottles and is starting to try rice cereal too.

  19. Skip Hop makes such adorable things, I love all of their characters. My daughter’s favourite lunch is Dora Zoodles.

  20. My 4 years old’s favorite lunch is peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips and apples. I liked this post and like Hollywood Hot Moms on facebook.

  21. My two boys like to have grilled cheese and yogurt for lunch. My daughter will eat anything! But, she loves tuna fish, usually with a yogurt too.

  22. My toddler’s fave lunch by a landslide… Chick-fil-A…he love’s their fruit cups! =)

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