Heaven at Palazzo Canyon Ranch Spa Club!!

Spa Monte Lucia TheHeaven at Palazzo Canyon Ranch Spa Club!!   Canyon Ranch Spa is one of the most heavenly spa’s I have ever been too.  I am a tough critic when it comes to spa’s I always find something wrong and with Canyon Ranch Spa I couldn’t complain about a thing.  The Spa connects through both ends of  the Palazzo and Venetian!! We had the most delicious lunch at their cafe. Fresh, Organic foods that melted in your mouth!  Simply Scrumptious.

The Spa has amazing, amenities a Crystal steam room where you can imagine yourself in a world of warmth, brisk rainstorms and fragrant steam. I discovered the Aquavana – which is the world’s most profound aquathermal experience. For thousands of years, people have found that moving water and temperature variations provide relief for muscle and joint problems, speed toxins from the body and promote deep relaxation. You can experience the healing and tension-releasing power of advanced thermal treatments with Aquavana, a complete European-inspired suite of thermal spa cabins, tubs  and aquathermal bathing experiences. You can select Caribbean Storm, Tropical Rain or Cool Fog. Finnish sauna, Herbal la Conium, hydrospa that has a  variety of massage fountains which provide gentle massages. They have the coolest Radiant lounge chairs designed for relaxation surround the fountains. igloo Stimulate your system with cool air and three Arctic mist experiences, enhanced by twinkling fiber optics. The Salt grotto De-stress as soothing “sea air” and a  wave room too.

I had the yummiest Massage.  I really am VERY, VERY picky about the massages I get. I always find something wrong!  Not this time I was in massage HEAVEN!!  The women who worked on me explained that if you are pregnant and looking for a great Pregnancy Massage and or other options while pregnant then Canyon Ranch is the place to be.  They exclusively use my favorite Mama Mio some of them are Mellow Mama Maternity Massage, Mommy-to-Be Facial, Yummy Tummy, 4th Trimester Healing Hour.


Hot Moms Club was founded in 2005 and have had their fingers on the pulse of mom trends ever since. Their philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom unless you are the BEST YOU!’

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