Help your spouse live healthier – without annoying him

Help your spouse live healthier – without annoying him

By Dawn Jackson Blatner

Help your spouse live healthier without annoying him! The key to getting your husband to practice healthier habits without badgering him? In one word: fun.

Instead of sounding like a broken record with a daily reminder, or throwing a judgmental look his way every time he goes to the kitchen for seconds, try a more low-pressure approach. Pick activities you can do together like bike-riding, hiking or walking the dog. Head to the farmer’s market together and let him pick which fruits, veggies and lean proteins look good. Then try some healthy preparations.

Nagging often leads to more rebellion, so lead by example and keep things light. Resist the urge to change everything all at once, and incorporate healthy meals and activity into your shared routine bit by bit. The more enjoyable they are, the more authentically he’ll want to keep them going. Before long it will be a habit for you both — and your relationship will be stronger for the changes, too!


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