Hey! Vina Is A New App That Let’s Women Find Friends Online

Feb 2, 2016 at 2:18 pm |

Are you surrounded by good women friends? Do you have that one friend you can call on no matter what is going on in your life and know you can count on her? I think having women friends is so important to your mental health! Even to just have a network of friends that you can call on to go for lunch or a drink out at night is a lifeline for most of us.

For many women, a bff is the one person that keeps them sane when the rest of life gets overwhelming. However, a lot of women have a hard time finding friends who have similar interests. In a world where there’s apps to find people to hook up with, wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply swipe right and find a new friend?

Hey! Vina is a new app that helps women do just that. You simply fill out a short questionnaire detailing your interests and what you’re looking for in a friend, and it makes introductions based on your existing network.

According to the site ‘You’ll be matched based on your favorite activities and life stage. Maybe you’re a new mom, or you’re trying out Paleo and training for a marathon, or you’re single and need a fantastic wing-lady.’

Once you find someone you’re interested in meeting, you swipe right, and if the person you’re interested in meeting is also interested in meeting you, Vina will send you both an introduction message. Vina will only connect you with someone you who has mutual Facebook friends, or at least friends of friends.

A new app has just been released that let’s you find friends online the same as you would find a date.