At-Home Hair Coloring Tips

Coloring your hair at homeColoring your hair at home doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems, but there are some tips that can help you accomplish this task.

#1 Never pick a hair color too far off from your own. I suggest staying within a couple shades of your own color and save the big changes for the professionals in the salon. Most box colors these days have sample shades to compare with your own, so look for these on the box.

#2 Always prepare your area. Pick a bathroom with good light. Pick up any floor rugs and lay down an old towel. Clear off your counter-top space so it makes it easier to work, plus it makes it easier to see those spots of color that you have accidentally dripped. Clean those up immediately, by the way, or they will stain!

#3 Pick a “hair coloring” outfit. That’s right, an outfit that you don’t care about at all because it will be destroyed over time. For a top, it should be a button down or have a wide neck to pull up over your colored hair when time to shower.

#4 Always brush through your hair (but not the scalp) to get the tangles out. This makes for an easier application process.

#5 Section your hair into at least 4 sections. If you don’t take the time to section your hair, you will have uneven color and spots that you missed. Believe it or not, it also makes the coloring process faster so do not skip this step.

#6 Apply petroleum jelly around the hairline (not in the hair line) to protect your skin from color stain. (Another tip, color gets out color, so if you did get a bit on your skin, rub additional color on it and wash away)

#7 Always wear gloves!

#8 Read the directions carefully! Make you sure you time the color correctly because if you leave the color on too long it tends to come out too dark.

#9 Start with each section at the top by taking 1/4 inch sections work your way down until that section is complete. You can “squish” the color in the section to make sure it is all colored before moving on to the next.

#10 If you are only doing a “re-touch” or “new growth” Then make sure you only color the parts closest to the scalp AKA “new growth”.  When you have 5 to 10 more minutes left, add shampoo to your color bottle and pull the color through the ends for the last 5 to 10 minutes.

#11 I always jump in the shower to rinse the color out and apply the conditioner. I find it easier then over a sink. My last tip…..leave the gloves on while shampooing your color out! It will prevent your nails from getting stained.

Hair color in a bottle has evolved so much that we truly can get great looking color as if we just walked out of a salon. They’ll never know the salon was our bathroom ; )

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