HOT, HOT children’s clothing!

HOT, HOT children’s clothing!

BOYS, BOYS, BOYS!! It is so hard to find unique clothing for boys. Everything has animals, planes and trains! And while that is ok for some and fun it is also nice to see your little boy being a little stylish.
Babysusu is one of my favs!! It is like the Clothing fairy heard my wishes and found the perfect line of clothing to put him in it every time grandma comes for a visit.

You’ll never hear a complaint again!! LOL

Babysusu is a unique line of clothing designed specifically for boys from ages 0 to 4. All of their pieces are made from natural fabrics, such as cotton, cashmere, and wool, and are specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear little boys can place on their clothes. They are described as fashionable, yet functional.

Looking for that perfect summer girls outfit you can not go wrong with Tallulah Moon!! I am over the MOON with them!! Honestly it is so hard to figure out where to put your hard earned dollars these days! But I can not tell you how impressed I am with this line of clothing! Plus your daughter is super stylish, you won’t see everyone wearing it and now we need to get them to make matching mommy outfits too!!!


Veronica Scott, owner and designer of Tallulah Moon, combines two of the things she loves the most…children and fashion. Unsatisfied with the never-ending search for clothing for her two daughters that was stylish and sophisticated, yet practical enough for everyday wear…Veronica has created an adorably upscale collection for pint-size hipsters. Her children’s apparel line is fresh and modern, mixed with a touch of vintage and a dash of cheeky-chic.

Designing her first pieces at the age of 7, Veronica experimented with clothing hanging in her mother’s closet. Pieces were altered according to her vision of what the clothing should be. Her mother didn’t always appreciate a dress that no longer resembled the one she had brought home from the department store. Nevertheless, she always had to smile at the innovative design of her 7 year old…and marveled at the undeniable improvement of the garment.

For Veronica, creating and designing was her favorite playtime activity, and it was clear that her design journey was destined for the fashion world. She spent years in fashion, including a decade as a wardrobe stylist at Barneys New York. From there she turned her attention to much smaller clients…infants and toddlers. She was already dressing her daughters in her own distinctive pieces and was receiving many compliments and accolades. With the continuous encouragement of friends and even perfect strangers who routinely asked where she bought her children’s clothes, she finally gave in to her irrepressible desire to create a children’s clothing line of her own.

Veronica’s creativity, attention to detail and unique sense of style is captured in each whimsical piece of clothing. With imagination and artful mixing of sumptuous fabrics, unusual colors and edgy silhouettes, Tallulah Moon became a reality.

Tallulah Moon is a heart and soul collaboration of Veronica and her husband Lyle. Blessed with two lovely daughters, who are a constant inspiration for Tallulah Moon designs…Veronica delights in implementing styles that reflect the exuberance and joyful innocence of childhood. “Tallulah Moon,” she says, “is dedicated to bringing wittiness and high style to all the exhausted parents who adore their children and want to celebrate their beauty, spontaneity…and their littleness.”



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