Hot Topic: Dad Shoots Teen’s Laptop Over Facebook Post

Dad shoots teenage daughter’s laptop over Facebook Post; Justified or Extreme Parenting?

This has been all over the web, and people are still talking about this, did this dad go to far? Do you think his actions will bring him closer to his daughter? As a parent would you have done the same thing or can you understand why she was upset to begin with.  Let us know what you think!




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90 thoughts on “Hot Topic: Dad Shoots Teen’s Laptop Over Facebook Post”

  1. Great job dad if we had more parents like you our crime and respect issues that playground our youth would disappear. My hat is off to you sir.

  2. Bravo. My hero. This is what our kids need. I’m sure anti gun folk will be all over this… which has nothing to do with the real issue here… being an over entitled child disrespecting her family. No matter what it’s gonna cause controversy. However it’s quite inspiring!

  3. I can’t believe anyone would NOT call this extreme! Anything involving a gun and shooting is extreme if you ask me! However, I am in favor of parents doing what they can to regulate their child’s internet behavior.

  4. There must be something wrong with my hormones because I find this guy hot. There’s something about a mean-prick bastard with a gun that gets me going.

  5. I like your style of parenting and believe that more people should shut it down before it gets worse like you do. Sorry Hannah but you deserved every bit of it. Maybe now you will respect your elders, mother, and father. Whom I must say is a man after my own heart. I sure hope other parents can learn from this as well and [wo]man up to their own kids and stop them from “owning/walking all over” them. Their the kid, your the adult, they need to be taught, even if it’s tough love.


  6. Yes, love you style of parenting… did not abuse the child but justice was served…..anyone who don’t agree don’t have any kids or teens …I would have did the same thing

  7. I am 18, and I had chores. And they were much more than heres, sweeping the floor, takes about 3 minutes like he stated. I think he did a good job, that type of disrespect is unacceptable. I went to college concurrent, I went to a nationally ranked high school, that was more than just a little tough,I did my chores, and respected my parents. Yeah I didn’t always like washing the dishes, without a dishwasher might I add (manually) and getting stuff for my parents, But I did it cause I knew the sacrifices they made to give me the life I have today. To think that kids my age and younger, have the audacity to disrespect their parents, and even publicly is ridiculous. And it’s parents that try to be friends with their kids, and think their kids have it so “hard”, or have “too many responsibilities” that have corrupted children. I’m in college now, and the way I was raised has prepared more than I ever knew. This kid, yes a kid who would respond is such grandeur and stupidity, deserved completely what she got. She sounds like a spoiled brat to me, This is what I call a good father even thought he should have kept the computer for something more useful.

  8. I saw the story on the Today show, and even though i’m against the extreme use of electronics in teens, i don’t approve the use of firearms to make your point.

  9. Seriously? The problem with kids today is poor parenting! I just earned my AA Degree in Criminal Justice and going into law enforcement. If you think this man’s actions, providing what he read was word for word his daughters disrespect and taking her parents for granted, was “overparenting anyone who believes so needs some serious education of todays kids and society. If my son or daughter where to go that far, that lap top would have had a pound of Tannerite Binary Explosives taped to it when shot with an AR15! He sounds like a hard working man trying to teach work and earn ethics into his child no matter how well off they are. Like he said, NOW she can pay for her own computer! As long as she’s under her parents roof she needs to show some respect for them and herself.

  10. Your right, he should have taped a pound of Tannerite explosive Targets too it, that would have been sweet!

  11. Tony we appreciate your opinion but Tania has hers too! Teaching Ethics does not need to involve a gun or explosives. I would have taken and confiscated the computer from my child. Poor parenting can be seen in many different ways! The point that when he made the video and posted to YouTube was childish  and he was no better then his daughter doing what she did on Facebook. Parenting is hard some people don’t do enough some do too much. He is completely justified in wanting to punish his daughter from her behavior   but using a weapon to me was extreme and un neccesary. 

  12. beyond extreme and un necessary. the fact that he took a gun out to show his authority to his kids shows what a winner he is. That was sarcasm.

  13. Congratulations “Dad”. You just taught your daughter how to live. You just blew any
    chance of ever gaining a healthy relationship with her. If you had raised her with the love and respect she deserved from the beginning, you would not be having the trouble with her that you are having now. Your daughter is a mirror of you and how you raised her. Respect is not bestowed, it is earned. As a parent you are in first place to show her this. Kids learn from and by example. Something that your daughter never was shown. I believe you demanded respect just because you were her dad. How’s that working out for you?

  14. Totally justified. Sounds like he should’ve gone one step further after he shot the laptop and paddled the little brat. Everyone had to grow up and learn responsibility, well at least some of us. Do I think his actions will bring his relationship with his daughter closer? Yes. Sounds like she had no respect for the things her parents, but she will now. Responsibility, accountability and respect are all lacking in todays teens. All of them seem to think everything is owed to them and if that doesn’t change, this society is doomed.

  15. Um my goodness I would never waist my bullets… There are so much more thongs i would do if I jad a child like that… I could drowned the computer. I could sell it. I would not waist my nice bullets. well I guess thats a lie it would make a nice target. But not if I just put so muchoney into it. So i will say ypu did the right thing sir and that is coming from me a 17 almost 18 year old girl with problems of my own… But I know what chores are. The only thing I have to say about the job situation is it ia very difficult to get a job as a minor but I assum you would know that… Based on society now. But i believe you did the right thing by eliminating her computer…

  16. My heart goes out to this father. Did you see his pain? Couldn’t you hear it in his voice? That pain caused his anger. The pain that comes when after all you do for a child you love, and sacrifice everything for, disrespects you to the degree that this child disrespected her father and all those that would probably die for her. So sad but so typical of many young people today who feel entitled to a free ride.

  17. I call that proactive parenting 😉

    HAHA jk….no totally unacceptable, but when I first heard about this (I think on yahoo news) I read it wrong and I thought he shot his daughter- so, I was happily relieved when I reread it correctly.

  18. I’ve seen this video posted on a ton of FB friends walls and honestly, I can’t bring myself to watch it. The idea seems ludacris and the fact that this video went viral seems ludacris as well. It just seems to me that he is showing off.

  19. I think this dad absolutely did the right thing. Nothing wrong with sending a message to this spoiled, entitled generation of children we are raising. All these kids think they have to have cell phones and laptops and everything else in the world. This generation is the laziest, fattest, and most arrogant children in all of history. These are material things they don’t need but have become dependant on. What will they all do if these things cease to exist for whatever reason? They’ll be lost! The value of hard work has been lost. Very sad.

  20. I think he took it too far. Honestly, embarrassing her on YouTube was already extreme…..shooting the laptop….well…there are better ways to discipline and teach a teen girl to respect her parents….

  21. So over the top she is just tired of everything that she has to do around the house his clinic and everybody not appreciating what she does so she expressed her self on Facebook , most teens dont do half of what she does she has all rights to be mad maybe she should’HQve been less rude but this dad sound like a jerk

  22. You are my hero!!! i’d love to know how the daughter reacted. I’m sure she’d have said how ‘over the top’ and ‘wrong’ you were to invade her privacy, blah blah blah…

    Excellent!!! Well done!

  23. That kid deserved every bit of what he did. Parents like him and his wife don’t do what they do for their kid to turn around and stab them in the back like that. I think he was trying to instill responsibility and discipline by giving her some chores to do around the house. They pay for the laptop, cell phone, ipod, electricity, food, a roof, water, transportation and more with their hard earned money. The least the brat could do is show a little respect and do what shes told. She doesn’t realize how easy she has it. Or had it, I guess I should say. And the people whining and being sissy’s about the gun ought to grow a pair and get over it. Guns are a part of a lifestyle and a culture. Not a symbol of authority or violence. Guns are used more for self-protection and for sporting than they are for murdering innocent people out of hostility as most sheltered people do believe. And more often than not, people against guns in any form have never shot or touched a gun in their life and don’t realize that guns aren’t the problem. It’s some of the morons that decide to use guns that screw crap up. Now this man here is a smart man. His parenting style is spot on I believe. Except for the fact that all he used was a pistol. If it were me i would’ve played a game of skeet with a Mossberg 500 sp shotgun or had a little target practice with a M249 SAW to be sure my point was clear.

  24. My fiance showed this to me a couple of weeks ago. I think he took it way too far? Didn’t he buy that for her anyway? Y not just take it away from her? There could have been other ways to handle it. My dad would never have went that far.To be honest I don’t know of any dad who would go this far.

  25. That was a classic, first rate demonstration of GREAT parenting when it comes to the teen generation of today. I am so sick of parents not standing up to their kids for fear of retaliation ( kids threatening to call CPS). In today’s society Hannah’s generation has a sense of entitlement that, quite frankly, I hope they choke on it. That father did not once swear, threaten violence or even belittle his daughter directly. I think we’re looking at a father that we can all learn something from. Extreme parenting? He didn’t point the gun at her, he used it as a prop to drive home his point. I pray that he follows through with all the things he said. She will thank him one day, when she’s old enough to appreciate it. I know I did.

  26. Holy Crap! This guy deserves the best parent of the year award! And I also find it awesome that he spoke to her mother before he acted! I’m a mother of two, one girl 9, and one boy 2 1/2. What I’m seeing is a father desperate to get through to his daughter. It seems like nothing else worked, so he got her attention the only way he believed he could. Great Job Dad!

  27. I think she had it coming and if I had a fun and my son pulled some crap like that I would react the same way. kids these days think that they are so entitled to everything and they are so ungrateful and disrespectful to everyone and it takes parents like him to show kids that they can’t say whatever they want because there are still parents that won’t tolerate that behavior I support his decision because she his his kid he is allowed to punish her however he pleased!!

  28. Hey, the reason you put that post up is BECAUSE you’re 13. Think about all the things you have in your life….things like food in the fridge, roof over your head, clothes on your back, computer you’re using to write this and ask yourself; where did it come from? Answer: your parents. Now ask yourself how much that stuff costs to buy, and then ask why your parents do this for you. However, when I hear kids whining about their parents it just makes me laugh, since you know when they have kids of their own they’re going to complain about how lazy they are. Kids, unless you are being physically abused, shut up and do what is asked of you.

  29. Way to go DAD!!!
    I have 3 sons and 2 step-children, but have always thought of them as mine. I am a strict parent, but I have never had to deal with something like what this dad had to. I would have done the same thing. I stand behind you and say I support what you did.

  30. You go DAD,I feel the same way you do about our kids today,they have no respect for any one,they feel we owe them everything,they want all the new gadgets but don’t feel they should have to earn it,And when we as parents try to instill upon them respect,work ethic,and manners we are informed by some so called expert who by the way have no kids that we are abusing our kids and that we need to let them be them,I say to the so called experts and the bleeding hearts wannabes parents! Kiss my grits and get a real life and job,The kids today have no idea how it was for most of us when we were their age,if they had to deal with the stuff that we did back in the day most kids today would kill them selves,I say that we as parents need to bring back the ole wood pile rule you mess up,disrespect any elder,use faul language,don’t do your chores,you will get your backside tanned end of story and for those of you that think this is wrong,y’all can kiss my grits bark at the moon and die.Again you go DAD…………..Semper fi…………..usmc…….jr

  31. You have bumped your head,if it was me I would have done the same thing then I would have tanned her backside with a belt,kids today need to learn how to do as they are told and they better never disrespect an elder

  32. Its not the childs laptop… Its his… (Legally..) Obviously, I think it would have been just as effective to have taken away the laptop, and cheaper too.. If she later still could not be trusted with it, you could always sell it… Either way, its his, and he can do what he wants with it…

  33. Nope…not extreme ONE bit! Who cares why she was upset in the first place. Nothing I heard in her post remotely justifies what she posted regarding her parents! She dont have too many chores…its necessary to teach responsibilty for a child of her age to have chores. And who r we to say really what exactly too many chores equates to? Kids these days especially teenagers have such a sense of entitlement! They r her parents….not her friend. Being friends with ur children as parents come after they r grown and able to support themselves! It woulda made more sense for her to discuss her feelings with her parents instead of insulting them on a social media outlet! So I say thumbs up to this dad for letting it be known very clearly….for every bad decision there IS a consequence! So what he shot her laptop….SO WHAT! He bought it….its his! He coulda shot it to the moon if he wanted to….ITS HIS. Good job dad….GOOD JOB!

  34. I’m amused so many here say he could’ve just taken away the laptop. They must not have been paying attention.

    He did take it away last time, for three months. She was warned it would be worse next time. Selling it wouldn’t have the same impact as destroying the device. He seems like a cool dad.

  35. Good job dad,

    I would have done the same thing, but i dont own a gun and the laptop my daughter is using is mine.
    Your act is justified.

  36. I commend this father for stepping up as a patent. Had this been the first time he warned her, it may be considered extreme. However, it was not. We need to be firm, but loving with our children. The fact that he cared enough to give her a laptop, annd then maintain its upkeep, demonstrates he cares. The fact that he saw it as an instrument of evil for her was even better. I teach middle school children and they need a firm hand. I see way too many parents who are afraid to “upset” their children. This father shot the instrument of disrespect because he saw his daughter repeatedly could not handle it. He did not shoot his daughter!!! That would be over the top, and unjustifiable. He may have made her upset to begin with, but it will probably be worth it in the end.

  37. hey yea ur beautiful but seriously man don’t put that wow just get a life there is other things than sex wow i thought i was immauture!!!!! >:X

  38. He is getting to far this time. Hey dad, you should looked around. We are in advance century right now. networking is fine but don’t use violence to your kids. Violence make it worst.

  39. He was justified in doin what he did I would of done the same , I how ever would not have broadcasted it .

  40. Outstanding!!!!
    First of all stopping the disrespect is key. Our children think Facebook is their
    Avenue for looking cool while rebelling.
    News to all those kids….as a key figure in a international company, we audit all your language patterns (likes,dislikes and activities) from your Facebook. You can thank Facebook for helping us weed out those
    Undisireables before hiring.
    So think of that before you post. Your upcoming JOB will depend on it!

  41. Well, I watched some of the responses the daughter made and other responses from outsiders. I’ve come to the opinion that the father was well within his rights to shoot that computer. It was HIS computer, he paid for it, he paid for every thing this girl has. And girl? Chores are something EVERYONE has to do as a kid. EVERYONE. Well perhaps not so much these days because most parents just bend over and let their kids “f” them in the bums. But I was a teenager only a few years ago and I had to do chores, a lot more than you actually. Never ONCE did I think my parents were being unfair. They worked their butts off to give me a home, to buy me things I needed and wanted. And after seeing the response his daughter had made, I can see now why he reacted the way he did. That girl has got some SERIOUS issues. She appears to be spoiled, stuck-up, and frankly, just a mean person. She has no love towards people that have sacrificed so much for her. All she seems to care about is herself. And when she one day has kids.. which looks like will be probably by the end of the year by the way she dresses, she’s gunna realize just how hard it is to provide for a family. Seriously, she’s got to have NO love in her. How can you treat your parents like that. They’re not abusive, they’re not even neglectful. They seem to be focused on one thing. Hard work and respect. Well, that right there, is good. Don’t you think for a second that your parents did this because they’re jealous. Wow. Jealous? I don’t think you quite understand what it’s like to be anything but a selfish little floozy. Grow up, grow up, grow up, and stop thinking about yourself. Please. And no, I’m not some old chick with ten kids. I’m a very young adult, and even I can see that you’re way out of line chicky.

  42. Oh and another thing. All these people claiming that this man was over reacting. Being a push-over never earned anyone’s respect. Strict parents are like that because they care and they know that there’s no room for rebellion. A rebellious child will have that attitude their whole life unless something is done. I think this father was pretty controlled. He could have lost his temper in other ways. Instead he decided to sit down and explain himself. Then make a point.
    I deal with more people (young adults) that had lax and liberal parents than I’d like to admit. These people end up being disrespectful selfish individuals. Individuals that steal, lie, cheat, and jump people just because they want excitement. And why? Because (and they’ll admit this much) “I never had to get a job….” or “My parents will get me out of this” or “Yo I slapped my mom because she asked me to clean my room, what makes you think I won’t hit you?” I mean come on, bragging because you were a horrible teenager? Society is falling apart and it’s because parents are listening to the media and thinking that discipline and aggressive parenting is wrong. No, it’s not wrong, it’s necessary. A child can be loved and disciplined at the same time. As long as the parents aren’t disciplining in anger. (What I mean by this is if the parent makes sure to calm themselves down, explain why the child is being punished, and then follow through with their promises) This way consequences are learned. AND respect. I’m not saying a parent should lock their child up until 18. But they should not be afraid to take a stand.

    And example of being too strict is when that child is over 18, paying rent to their parents, paying all their own bills, bought their own computer.. etc.. and the parents insist on monitoring usage of the computer and give outrageous rules for early curfews, calls, who the child can hange out with, if the child is allowed to date certain people. That to me is over kill because that child is an adult and is paying their way. But as long as the parent is paying for everything… they have the right to do whatever they feel is necessary (short of abuse ie, physically displayed anger and abusive language).
    Again, as long as the parents are being calm and explaining themselves, it’s their house, their money, their children. Ok I’m done with my ranting. Lol. I get going sometimes and it just… doesn’t stop.

  43. Your daughter is right , shes your daughter not your slave. If you want a garden…. Get the fuck up & do it yourself, clean your own tabble tops when your dune, don’t wate for the next person do it yourself

  44. I think it is a great way to get your child to pay attention to you and not their machines. Communication has become droll and lifeless. Grammar has also gone out with the latin language. Have you seen how people use the language. But I digress, why not destroy a laptop, he wasn’ t hurting a soul unless you believe the computer was alive.

  45. I would love to SHAKE HIS HAND. For he went easy on his kid. I would of giving mine a beating to go with the laptop. I am 40. And to the rest of you of this age. Before the goverment stepped in and said what we could and could not do as far as spanking our kids. The world was a better place. When did the goverment start raising my children. Now I understand there are kids out there that get abused. But I am saying a good old fashion SPANKING. We did not back talk act out or get stupid. Why we knew what was going to happen. Now you have kids hidding behing computers, guns, and gangs. The helln with the goverment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go back to when you were a kid and got what made you what you are. And spank your kids. For the law states…..As long as it is on the butt. Not the back or the legs. That is within reason…….So take good aim and tear that ass up

  46. YOU must not remember you being a kid and what chores are. That or your family HAD A CLEANING LADY. Be for real. Sweep the floor was only one thing I had to do. And made my kids do. Either you do not have kids. Or the kid ( s ) you have are giving anything they want. You are not showing them in this world. You must and have to WORK FOR WHAT YOU WANT AND GET

  47. I think your daugters is very ungrateful and should respect you more and going on facebook and say what she did was very wrong but shooting the laptop was very ott why couldnt you have taken it away fron her??

  48. To b honest ur comment about kids sweeping the floor has me astonished I was that disrespectful brat I had way to much n didn’t do enough. Have u not seen some of these kids out here a pretty good bit need their Butts beatin they have no sense of self value of a dollar or respect period bresides crime rates going up look at the percentage under 30 on social security checks the youth today r bums maybe if there was more kids out here sweeping n keeping house there would be more accomplished disciplinef career goers my parents let me get away with it all I ran there house did wat I wanted n now that I’m 23 with 2 boys a husband n a house I still suffer some times because that spoiled brat is sstill in me I have a hard time not rebelling against rules any where I can’t stand authority I hate it so much I opened my own business cause I would not be rules over by a supervisor or boss now owning my own is a great thing however I am fully aware of anger issue I carry n the ridiculous time I have obeying rules if that was my father I’d b in line a whole lot more n things wouldn’t trouble me a much we got kids out here killing ppl like it or not that is a reflection if there parents get with the program it’s 2012 don’t you work for you’re kids to have things stop how are you gonna let them sit in their ass n have everything handed to them they need to earn east they

  49. Commenting on something that you haven’t watched and is running on hearsay is ludicrous on your part. I could say that he clubbed a baby seal in the video, and in the end rides off on a unicorn to go camping in a taun taun with Luke Skywalker. You don’t know because you didn’t watch it.

  50. One thing is that the parents purchase items for their kids and the kids think it is their property. Facebook and other social media are not responsible for the users, parents and children themselves are responsible. Parent’s don’t know who their kids are talking to or what they are posting. Kids also don’t know the repercussion of the posts and putting out there on the internet. You can press “x” to delete a post but someone seen it copied it and will forever be in cyber-space or on a server owned by the company that is owned by the company. Sex offenders use facebook and other social media. I think that parents would be ashamed and shocked if they knew what their kids post and media they watch, listen, etc. What a lot of parents don’t know now is Family Securities from Microsoft with Windows 7 they give reports on sites and usage users on your computer go to. The father did good monitoring his child who is a minor under the eyes of the law and it was his choice to destroy his property that he allowed his daughter to use.

    Respect and trust is earned. This father trusted and respected his daughter to use a laptop and have a facebook page. She disrespected him with her usage on the laptop.

    You say you are a father, so if your child disrespected you, their mother, or any other adult it is ok because you as their father, or thier mother, or any other adult didn’t repect them enough.

    So do you disrespect your boss because they don’t give you what respect you think you are entitled to? You seem like a dumb man who thinks everything is “earned” but in reality how you sound you think that it should be given.

  51. Ridiculous! This is why our young kids are so violent and have no control over there anger. Praying daily for our parents!

  52. everything is earned. You don’t just get something because you want it. My parents taught me that. Parents DO know what does on social media, and the windows secen shit tells them the address yes, but if the child logs out, it cannot be veiwed, besides that, most parents are on facebook and friedns with their kids. I agree with Rick and calling him a dumb ma is just plain rude.

  53. Bravo Dad! Children these days need to realize that the relationship between them and their parents is not a democracy but more like a dictatorship. What we as parents say is what should go, Unless harm is intended! When everyone realizes that being your child’s parent instead of being their friend life between the two of them would actually have structure. Kids spend most of their lives now trying to deal with their parents problems that they vent now by doing some of the craziest things. Let kids be kids and parents grow up and be parents.

  54. I think he did what he had to do. If there was something to secretive to hide from your parents then you should not be doing it and in this we live in we need more parents like him out there. Our kids are not our bosses and when we say something it had better be done!

  55. HI Jessica I think you missed the the plot the parent in question is not trying to make a slave out of the teen he is trying to teach resonsabilty, ,,,,I mean hello…I

  56. thats a bit out that. Its one thing to take it away, ground her, or even make her delete her Facebook. Byy whyy would he butt her somethin to shot it. He sounds stupid. It’s a childish response and wont teach her anything but how not to trust her dad and to keep secrets.

  57. Thats a tb bit out there. He bought her something to shoot it, its one thing to ground her, tke it away, or even make her delete her facebook. But all this is gunna do is teach her not to trust her dad, to keep secrets,and eventually to do what she wants. His reaction was childish and did not show that he was in control?. Its bad parenting.

  58. Sorry, I cannot applaud any action that makes a gun a solution to a problem. I think it a bad example to set. I think an intelligent response would have been to sell the computer rather than destroy it for effect. Making the child buy her own next is fine and warranted, but destroying property and making a gun a solution is just stupid. A gun owner.

  59. Love It. Most kids don’t appreciate what their parents do for them. If they do , it’s short lived. What this guy did was to get his daughters attention. He paid for the laptop and was fed up with her being disrespctful. So what if he destroyed the laptop. She’ll think twice the next time she wants to be ungrateful and disrespectful. Kudos to Dad!!

  60. I think it was justifiable he warned her before and she did it again he bought the laptop upgraded it he takes care of her feeds her put a roof over her head and to act like that sounds spoiled as hell I would have shot it too

  61. This is a sign of a Father that truly cares about his teenage daughter and how she turns out. Bravo for the “tough love” that our teenagers today sometimes need. Wish more parents out there cared as much!

  62. I want to shake his hand! This behavior by so many children should not be tolerated. I recently had an issue with my daughter where I removed her laptop, cellphone, & other devices for similar circumstances. I wanted toteach her a lesson, but she used it @ school! How are we supposed to get through to them unless it is by extreme measures? They don’t hear us otherwise!

  63. This guy is great I am completely for what he did for the most part. If you’re a parent and your kid is acting out of line it’s your job to correct that behavior. Perhaps posting the video onto her facebook which caused it to go viral was going a bit too far and I can understand that point. However I bet his kid learns a thing or two after this. One of the biggest issues in this country is how the youth is being raised. Not nearly good enough if you ask me, we are on a decline as a species sponsored in part by unfit parents.

  64. Hhhhhhooooorrrrraaaahhh best thing I’ve ever seen, I’m so glad to see there are still parents out there that don’t kiss there kids ass and let them get away with everything!! Mad props to ya dad!!

  65. You have to admit that’s just funny, even if you don’t think it’s funny it’s funny! 🙂

  66. I believe this father did what everyone else should do under these circumistances.
    Kids nowadays have no feeling of responsibility or the sense of belongings.
    As a fact the girl after the shooting improved and started to do chores at home, this was based on an interview with both of them in Today’s show (not sure if it’s Today or another show).



  68. Its just a Hot Mon thing. To lable themselves as Hot Moms is a Hollywood ego trip. I’M a single dad with 2 boys that ate 12 &11 yrs old. I don’t recieve any type of child support!!! I took care of both my boys from birth on. My ex had to ask if she should change a bipper. Do i have to say any more????? She remarried after meeting him on moved tbe same week out of town she and my boys just disappeared no call or note!! I had every agencies looking for tbem in my state.statewide. I will never put a lable inregards to my boys except there loving and carrying DAD &the BEST FRIEND!!! The HOT MOM Like I said is there ego speaking. Becouse they live in Hollywood. Oh ya the next time a disrespecting kid complans on facebook about the work they have to do around the house or there Parents. IT AHOULD BE A BASEBALL BATE!!!!!!


  69. Nothing wrong with the way he handled it. Children are so disrespectful now. This technology for teens is really corrupting our youth. They use it for the wrong reasons mostly. First of all I have my childs fb password. Secondly try to establish a genuine relationship with your child. Too many things are happening out in this world for us to turn a blind eye. From peer pressure to plain out rebelliousness. It’s so hard to be a parent and a teenager now days. Sometimes you gotta play hard ball with your child to protect them and show them that respect is required.

  70. What this dad did his daughters laptop is a bloody good idea he warned her once before she ignored him so she pays the price the laptop is his property he bought it with their money now if he wants to shoot it to prove a point to his daughter then so be it there are many of parents that if they seen something like what he seen on her Facebook then important pretty sure most parents would deal with this in that sort of way as for saying why didn’t he donate the laptop what’s to say he did and another kid did the same thing on Facebook then a different parent did the same thing what’s the difference ???? I say good on him she thought she would be smart and abuse her parents then she deserves it in.the end its his property and he can do what he dam well pleased hats off to you mate 🙂

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