How A Hairdresser’s Simple Act Gave These Young Customers With Autism The Best Haircut Ever

Jan 18, 2016 at 4:06 am |

Parents of special needs children often have a difficult time doing many of the things others take for granted. I’ve never had to worry about taking my kids for a haircut before, but for Laura Connerton, bringing her two children, 11-year-old twins Liam and Mady LeNoir for haircuts has always been a challenge. Liam and Mady both have Pitts-Hopkins Syndrome as well as autism.

Connerton recently shared a picture of her hairstylist, Julia Werder who works at her local Supercuts in Philadelphia, PA to The Mighty’s facebook page to recognize just how amazing Julia has been with Laura’s twins and how much she means to her.

Laura posted a picture of Jules sitting on the floor while cutting Mady’s hair with the caption;

“This is Julia “Jules” Werder, a stylist at a local Super Cuts in Philadelphia, Pa. She is an exceptional human being. She needs the world to know she is a beautiful soul inside and out for what she has done for my family. A simple gesture of a welcoming attitude of acceptance, where others often can not understand. She simply came into their world. It may not seem like a grand gesture to others, but, it’s a huge moment for families of children with disabilities or different abilities. When stressers of every day “typical” life’s routine are changed. Something as simple a cutting my daughter’s hair on the salon floor, may seem insignificant to many, but made a world of difference to us. She even cut my son’s hair standing by the front windows of the salon, because he loves cars so much. It’s the little things in life that make all the difference to our special needs loved ones. Thank you Jules for recognizing that difference.”

Laura Connerton’s 11 year old twins are both autistic, making haircuts challenging until one local hairdresser went out of her way to make them comfortable.