How Old Is Too Old For A Pacifier? Mariah Carey’s Son Fuels The Debate

Feb 5, 2016 at 11:21 am |

A few days ago Mariah Carey posted a seemingly innocent picture of herself and Dem Babies Moroccan and Monroe lounging in bed together to her instagram page. However, many astute observers noticed that her son Moroccan had a pacifier in his mouth. Many felt that Mariah’s son, who turns five along with twin sister Monroe on April 30th, is just too old to have a pacifier in his mouth.


Movie night! #RocThinksHesOnARollerCoaster

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  Comments ranged from “i KNOW her son does NOT have a damn pacifier in his mouth ? Smdh. If so , He is too damn big smh , she oughta be ashamed if so’ to ‘Roc still has a pacifier-at 5 years old. Anyone else notice this ?’ to ‘Rocky and Mariah, go back like babies and pacifiers?’

When Mariah Carey’s 4 year old son was seen using a pacifier in an Instagram pic, the debate about ‘how old is too old’ to use one was reignited.