How One Doctor Used Google Cardboard To Save A Baby’s Life

Jan 13, 2016 at 12:24 pm |

Shortly after giving birth to twin girls in August, Cassidy Lexcen was told that one of her girls would not survive. Teegen Lexcen was born with with only one lung and with almost all of the left side of her heart missing. Cassidy and her husband Chad were told by doctors in Minnesota that there was nothing they could do for the newborn, and sent the new parents home with their twins and hospice care to make Teegen as comfortable as possible in what they assumed would be her final days.

After two months though, Teegen was still alive and her parents couldn’t help but wonder if something could possibly be done for Teegan, telling PEOPLE, “We started to see her go from this small newborn that was a little on the weak side to actually showing signs of vitality,” Cassidy says. “That’s when we felt like, ‘Hey, maybe something else is going on inside of her and we should check this out.’ Why would we not try when she was doing as well as she was doing?”

Taking matters in to their own hands, the Lexcen’s reached out to doctors in Boston that they had heard about from a friend of a friend of a friend. After getting no response, the Lexcen’s  found themselves getting anxious. “I felt like we were racing against the clock,” Cassidy said.

Chad’s sister had come across an article titled  “The 20 Most Innovative Pediatric Surgeons Alive Today” and immediately reached out to Dr. Redmond Burke, the chief of cardiovascular surgery at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami. They had a response almost immediately.

When this newborn was sent home to die, one doctor’s ‘out of the box’ thinking managed to save her life.