How to Look Good Naked!

By: Patricia Walters-Fischer RN

How to Look Good Naked!

“Your boobs look terrible!”
What a way to start your morning, right? Hearing those words, especially when you’re one of the most amazing casting directors in Hollywood.

Well, Katy Wallin , President/CEO of Mystic Art Pictures and casting director of How to Look Good Naked, wants to let all women out there know there are good days and bad days for all of us.
The boobs comment came from “six different guys I was interviewing for the host position of the show,” explains Katy. “And they were right. It’s amazing how something as simple as a good bra can help you look and feel better.”
This mother, casting director, producer, and wife of The Topaz Man (I’ll get to that in a minute) tells HMC why How to Look Good Naked is such a hit.
“It’s a genuine journey and it’s about embracing yourself.” She adds, “We don’t do things like extreme makeovers, but you get an accurate depiction of yourself, not what you think you look like or should look like, but who you really are.”
Katy reports she gets hundreds of submissions a week and 1000 emails a day of women telling me their stories of how the show has helped them. “I want to teach each of these women that they should capitalize on who they are.”
With over half of the women in the US unhappy with their bodies, it’s a big order to fill, but Katy’s hoping that Naked will start a trend of more self-assurance and self-acceptance in the female population.
The message boards are full of women telling their stories of hope and joy as well as cries for help.
“I’m overwhelmed with these messages from women.” Katy explains and tells us more of why she thinks the show is so successful. “We hit a nerve. This is the time for this show because people go through a genuine journey of themselves.”
There is no plastic surgery, no extreme workouts or diets, no isolation from families. The show illustrates how simple acts, such as giving women a lesson in fashion along with makeup and hair makeover, can transform these women into the ladies they were meant to be.
Naked is wonderfully unique because it is a psychology lesson in self-assurance and self-love without making you feel as though you have to give up the best parts of yourself to become someone you’re not.
It’s all you and what’s more incredible than a confident you?
Plus, the host Carson Kressley (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) doesn’t hurt either.
“Carson is amazing,” Katy smiles. “He’s every woman’s best friend.” He through the transformation process, Carson offers a shoulder to cry on and a non-judgemental attitude. Then he guides the woman through how to better dress for her body type, the best make-up and hairstyles; and gives her a lingerie overhaul.
If you haven’t made it on the show, no worries. Carson also gives tips online on how to buy jeans, what are essentials in any woman’s closet, and see him in action on video clips of the show. Full episodes can also be seen on line.
Now many of you might be thinking, “yeah that’s all fine and good, but really you have to be thin to make it in the world and to feel good about yourself.” Katy wants you to understand that being thin isn’t your ticket to happiness or even a job in Tinseltown.
Despite the focus on thinness in Hollywood, she’s seen “very heavy thin women contrasted with overweight women who lit up a room” when she’s conducted casting calls. The ones she remembers are the ones who are confident and show it. “I’ve seen every shape and size and the ones who are confident are the ones to make a great impression.”
Katy encourages a simple exercise to boost your self-esteem. She asks everyone out there to write down three things they LIKE about themselves. Then say them to yourself and see how it makes you feel more beautiful.
“What makes you feel beautiful about you?”, admit it and own it!
But Katy let us in on a little secret. She isn’t without her moments of feeling down.
Her husband, Steve Sandalis or better known as The Topaz Man, has graced the cover of over 700 romance novels. “He’s the dark-haired Fabio!”
One day, when she was in the late part of her pregnancy, she went to the bookstore “and there was a sale of romance books and there was my husband.” She laughs. “I’d never bought one of the books he was on, so I picked one up and took it to the counter to purchase.” The sales girl made some sort of comment about the guy on the cover and Katy said, “that’s my husband.”
The response? “Yeah right.”
“She made fun of me and this girl and guy who were standing there also started making fun of me!” Katy adds, “you have to remember, I’m big, pregnant and hormonal so I start crying. I mean she’s telling me I can’t get a guy who looks like him!”
Instead of leaving the store in defeat, she drove home, got her husband, and returned to store. Marching up to the counter, she presented Steve and said, “See, he is my husband!”
The lovely thing about this story is that despite the hormones, Katy had the strength and self-confidence to say, “you know what? I am good enough to have a husband who looks like this! And no one is going to convince me otherwise.”
That’s a woman who knows what she likes about herself and you know what? We all should.
Check out How to Look Good Naked on Lifetime, Tuesdays at 10pm EST and if you’re a Lifetime TV junkie, check out our interview with Kathryn Fugate, creator of Army Wives.


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