If Shiloh Pitt Can Do it ! You Can Too !

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They say kids have no fear and Shiloh Pitt certainly proves that!  She is one daring little girl, ziplining while her parents look on.  Ziplining has become a favorite activitiy for many vacationing celebs, you can’t turn on an episode of the Bachelor without seeing someone set off on a ziplining adventure date,  Miley Cyrus and Leonardo DiCaprio are just a few others who have zipped recently.
Big Island of Hawaii Kohala Zipline

If someone told me I would be writing a family fun article on zip lining I never have believed it!  A week ago I was relaxing on the beach in Hawaii enjoying our spring break vacation, when my son and some friends thought it would be fun to go on a zip lining adventure while we were on the Big Island. Now, I was perfectly happy to stay ‘on campus’ lounging comfortably by the pool and snorkeling at beach, but I was quickly overruled.  The aerial course took three hours to complete, it includes wooden bridges, repelling off platforms, and nine ziplines progressing in length as the course went along.  My twelve year old son took to the course with ease and without fear, me on the other hand, I am quiet sure my high pitched shrieks as I zipped along the forest sounded similar to that of a wounded monkey.

Big Island of Hawaii Kohala Zipline

Take it from me, a terrified overprotecting mom, this is fun, really fun, we had a lot of laughs and left with a sense of accomplishment.  Check it off the bucket list, I may not have zipped gracefully, but I did finish and  it was the highlight of our trip and a bonding memory we will never forget.   So if you are looking for something new interesting and active to do with your family this weekend or this summer or next vacation, check out zip lining options.  Be sure to ask safety questions and choose a company with 100% redundancy like Kohala Zipline, that means that all attachment points are redundant, they are the only operator in Hawaii to use twin lines, so you are attached at two points.

Big Island of Hawaii Kohala Zipline

If you are ever on the Big Island of Hawaii Kohala Zipline’s ariel playground is a ‘must do’, our guides Maverick and Sarah were amazing, they were safety conscious and smart but also playful.


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