Irish Woman Meets A Complete Stranger Who Looks Identical


Remember that one Friends episode in which Joey traveled to Las Vegas to look for his “hand twin?” As funny as that was, I’ve always wondered if there was anyone else living and breathing on this planet that looked like me. And I’m not just talking about sharing similar features here and there, but someone who could pass off as my twin.

As crazy as it sounds, there’s a strong possibility that your carbon copy might be out there somewhere. Just ask Shannon Lonergan from Ireland, who found her doppelganger Sara Nordstrom in Sweden. What’s more, these two women not only look like twins but also have a lot of things in common, too.

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Here’s a little more:

Shannon, a business student, had signed up to the Twin Strangers site over the summer and after checking regularly for her doppelganger, she had not looked at the site in a while.

Sara joined the site last month and after a couple of searches, she came across Shannon.

The pair then arranged to meet up in Dublin with Sara flying from Orebro, Sweden, where she goes to boarding school. 

After spending time together in Dublin at the city’s Christmas market and and going shopping together, they also found they had a lot of similar interests.

Sara said: ‘We’ve both competed at high levels in sport.

‘I used to be in the top groupings for show jumping in Sweden and Shannon has placed very highly for dancing in both Ireland and the UK.

Wow! Even their profiles are the same. What a remarkable story. Let’s just hope their boyfriends don’t find out about this, ha! Tell us Hot Moms readers, have you ever did a double take of someone who might look just like you?





Photo via The Daily Mail/Twin Strangers

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