Is This Lush Ad Really Offensive?


I LOVE Lush. I can spend my entire afternoon (and paycheck) in their store and never get bored. Unfortunately though the company is under fire for one of their latest ad campaigns, which features four of their employees displaying their naked bodies with a caption that says, “We Prefer To Go Naked, Like Over 100 Of Our Products.”


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According to the Daily Mail, critics are complaining that the image is “pornographic in nature,” when honestly, all I see are four naked women showing their backsides.

A complaint was made to the Advertising Standards Bureau in Australia that claimed the image was 'pornographic in nature' and a breach of community and parental standards.'

One complaint read: “I am offended as this is nudity for the sake of causing a stir and is offensive and unnecessary. I was unable to shield my children from exposure to this advert as it was on a poster in the center aisle of the shopping center.”

I really don’t think there’s any reason to complain here. It’s more like seeing the reality of the average size. It’s a great photo of women comfortable being with themselves. Really, what’s the problem?

Source via The Daily Mail

Joanna Mazewski

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  1. If they were Victoria secret models, size 2 with fake boobs, heavy on the photoshopping, and “natural make-up” many less people would be offended. This is a war on the “ideal body”. This is what many women really look like. We need to get this stigma that only one body type is suitable for these kinds of ads. If a woman is confident enough to display herself tastefully for something like this, then we should be impressed, not offended!

  2. People need to stop being uppity and easily offended. Kardashian chick has had her booty all over magazines and tv. Why is that okay but people are hating on this ad? Confident and beautiful women promoting natural, chemical-free products is awesome!

  3. Um. If the complaint was made in Australia…they have topless beaches in Australia. So somebody’s not paying attention to things besides advertisements.

    And it’s sexy but nowhere near porn.

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