Is This The Reason Why So Many Parents Hate Chuck E. Cheese?




As I’m sure you know, Chuck E. Cheese gets a bad rap for all of the horrible things that happen inside their venues. I’m not a huge fan of the place myself, but I know of a lot of parents who would rather jump off a cliff then spend their afternoons with their children there. It might be the over stimulation, the food, or just the high energy of the place, but when it comes to Chuck E Cheese, you either love… or absolutely HATE it.

Blogger Belle Motts of Scary Mommy recently listed her six reasons why she will never step foot into a Chuck E Cheese with her children ever again. And while I definitely agree with most of her points, I can’t help but wonder: if we hate the place so much, why do we still go? Each time I do end up there, the place is PACKED and I’m not just talking about Saturday afternoons here. Is it because our kids beg us to take them there or is it because we have nothing else to do on a rainy weekend afternoon? Either way, Chuck E Cheese is the gift (and the nightmare) that just keeps on giving, LOL.

Here’s just a tidbit of what Belle has to say:

I’ve never been shrunk and stuck inside a pinball machine, but the blinking lights, beeping electronic noises and maze-like aisles make me feel as though I’ve gotten pretty close. Within five minutes of being at Chuck E. Cheese’s, I’d drop-kick an 80-year-old if it’d get me a valium. If I feel this agitated as an adult, what’s happening to a child? My kids seem jumpier there than someone sitting in a massage chair after a triple espresso. When your kids are acting this way, your near future is a steaming hot mess waiting to happen.

Tell us Hot Moms, what have your experiences been at Chuck E Cheese? How often do you go with your kids?

Source via Scary Mommy

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