Jenny McCarthy

You may love Jenny McCarthy for her candid, hold nothing back personality, or her outrageously funny books on pregnancy and parenting. Or you may love and respect her more than ever because of her stand on autism and her fight to help her son and other mothers out there going through the same thing. We love her for all of those reasons and because she defines a hot mom in every sense of the word. Jenny’s energy and attitude is absolutely infectious. We were lucky enough to sit down with Ms. McCarthy while she hosted Suave’s Back to Beauty bash at Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills. It was a moms-only field trip, complete with hair styling, hand massages, yummy packed lunches, ‘report cards’ and of course handsome young ‘chaperones’ shuffling the moms to and from each pampering station. This was the perfect day to help moms put themselves and their beauty back on their to-do list. After all, back to school is the perfect time of year to kick start your beauty regime.

We asked Jenny what she does to make herself a priority.

“Before getting in the carpool lane to pick up my son Evan I pull over and blast Fergie in my car, I sing a couple songs really loud” she said, laughing.

Jenny always looks beautiful, and yes she is just as gorgeous if not more so in person in case you were wondering!

When we asked her to give us her best beauty tip she said without a moment’s hesitation, “Sleep!”

Without a doubt Jenny is our definition of a hot mom. Her definition?

“A Hot Mom is a mom who is confident in herself and can find balance and feel overall good about herself.” We couldn’t have scripted it better.

I mentioned that our motto is that you are not the best mom unless you are the best YOU! To which she said “that’s really good. I love that” And she also loved my shirt, just had to throw that in there… Speaking of love we capped off the interview by, of course asking Jenny what she loved most about motherhood. Her answer was so perfect. ” There are so many things, I guess my favorite part is having the capacity to love someone so much.” Agreed!

Jenny’s new book Louder Than Words:A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism is a testimant to her love for her son and her strength of character.
Click here to check it out Amazon For more information on the Suave event or how you can win a trip to Beverly Hills for celebrity mom pampering and styling visitSuave

Photos by: Karen Ray
To contact her go to karenrayphotography


Hot Moms Club was founded in 2005 and have had their fingers on the pulse of mom trends ever since. Their philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom unless you are the BEST YOU!’

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