By: Patricia Walters-Fischer RN

Wendy Griffin is a woman of action. Much like the Will Smith character Hancock in the movie of a same title (coming out July 2), Wendy is always on the move, on the go, and working to make amazing things happen.
Why is this important to mention? When you watch the movie or the movie trailers, notice the eagle pendant necklace hanging from Will Smith’s neck and the embroidery on his ski cap. The story behind how this piece came to be in the movie is one that Hollywood writes about.
When Wendy had been invited to a baby shower of a friend, she was encouraged by the mom-to-be to bring her jewelry. “I said ‘it’s your baby shower. I’m not going to bring my jewelry!’” Wendy tells HMC. “And my friend told me to bring it because it was her second baby and she wanted to support me. So I did.”

Without much time to plan and organize, Wendy threw several pieces of her hand-made jewelry into her display cases with the eagle pendant necklace being an afterthought. “I was in a hurry and wasn’t organized and just threw that in at the last minute.” After setting up in the corner, a woman approached her, asking about her jewelry. Wendy showed her several pieces, they had small talk and that was it. A couple of weeks later, the woman called her back asking for a few pieces, including the eagle necklace.
“She told me she hadn’t been able to get my jewelry out of her head for two weeks.” Turns out, the woman was part of the wardrobe department at Columbia pictures and planned to show the jewelry to their star, Will Smith, for the filming of the movie. “She said not only did he like the eagle, but he planned to wear it beyond the movie as well.”
Also, the eagle symbol on the back of his superhero costume and on his ski cap in the movie is the eagle from her piece. Not only did Smith use her necklance, “because there was so much action in the movie, they needed a total of ten.”

“It makes me think that God supports me,” said this single mother says, “sometimes it’s feast or famine” (when you have your own business).

When you order a piece from her line know this: Wendy is completely hands on. She designs all her pieces and loves every minute of it. “I keep trying to do the nice, right and good thing in life and to send a positive message out into the universe.”
Although she continues to works long hours in the studio, between taking Hunter to all his activities, she laughs about it all, “it keeps feeling right, so I keep doing it.”
Besides being featured in the movie, her pieces have been seen in In Style, Foam, Lucky, Flaunt, OK!, and In Touch magazines (just to name a few) and her works are classic, elegant, and more than reasonably priced.
And what does her son, Hunter, think of her original design being featured in the new Hancock movie?
“He thinks I’m a superhero too!”
For more information on Wendy or her jewelry line, you can click here


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