Katy Perry Sent Young Burn Victim Safyre Terry A Sweet Christmas Gift

Dec 28, 2015 at 1:13 pm |


All Safyre Terry wanted was for people to send her Christmas cards, but she got so much more!

After losing four of her family members in a horrible fire that left her disfigured two years ago, all little Safyre Terry wanted for Christmas this year was enough cards to fill up her aunt’s Christmas tree. As soon as Safyre’s wishes went public, it quickly went viral and thousands upon thousands of cards arrived for the young girl.

And while I know many readers of this page even went and sent in cards, Safyre ended getting a card from one very famous person – Katy Perry! Katy not only sent the 8 year old a Christmas card, but she sent her a care package too.

The pop superstar sent the young burn victim a sweet care package of gifts and handwritten card in response to request for cards.