Kelly Clarkson Shares Her Amazing ‘Game Of Thrones’ Themed Christmas Card!

Dec 9, 2015 at 2:30 pm |

I think it’s safe to say that Kelly Clarkson just won the celebrity christmas card game this year!

The singer, who is currently expecting her second baby with husband Brandon Blackstock, posed with her family for a ‘Game of Thrones’ themed Christmas card complete with costuming, castles and kilts! Sounds like Kelly and the rest of the Blackstock clan are just as obsessed with Game of Thrones as the rest of us.

In the picture Kelly, Brandon and Brandon’s kids Seth and Savannah are very stoic and Game of Thrones-like, but little River Rose simply can’t contain her excitement. The 17 month old is totally adorable with her big smile and clearly not worried about the impending winter! Obviously #riverisnotworried.

This is such a fun and clever card! I’d much rather see this kind of celebrity christmas card than those perfectly posed Kardashian cards that get released every year!

Kelly announced a few months ago that she was expecting baby #2 and opened up about her ‘all day sickness’ and that she had to receive IV fluids because she would get so dehydrated. While she may not be feeling the best during this pregnancy, she’s sure looking pretty great in this picture.

In the top corner of the card they’ve written the familiar Game of Thrones tag line ‘Winter is Coming’ but I wonder if that might be a clue as to the name of the new baby? Winter and River do sound pretty good together!

Did Kelly Clarkson just hint at her new baby name in this adorable Christmas card?