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Kelly Preston is a successful actress, wife married for 15 years to John Travolta) and mother to son Jett(13) and daughter Ella Bleu (5).

Kelly can be seen in this summer’s movie “Sky High” staring opposite Kurt Russell as Josie Jet stream a superhero mom…not a big stretch; she definitely is a Super Mom.

Over the past few years , Kelly has become a prominent activist for parents and children’s rights. She was instrumental in promoting a federal law which sought to prohibit schools from coercing or pressuring parents to administer dangerous and deadly psychiatric drugs to their children as a requisite for their education. The Mandatory Medication Act was passed in December 2004.

Kelly urges parents to know their rights, and get fully informed on this topic by logging onto fightforkids

For the past several months , sandwiched in between other humanitarian projects and managing her career. Kelly has been raising money to build a Narcanon rehabilitation center in Honolulu to deal with her home state of Hawaii’s crystal methamphetamine problem. Abuse of “ice” the smokeable form of the drug, could easily be classified as an epidemic in the state.

“Parents are the best ‘anti-drug’ but if they don’t know how to approach the subject and don’t know the truth about drugs, they unfortunately won’t get very far. “- Kelly Preston

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Thanks Kelly you are definitely a HOT MOM with compassion!

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Our philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom, unless you are the best YOU’.

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