Kim Kardashian West Accused of Putting North West’s Life in Danger ~ Learn How To Use A Car Seat

Kim Kardashian West latest Instagram photo of North West has her fans really upset!

As a parent the one thing I learned immediately is that the car seat is one of the most important things to make sure my kids are the safest in. I too, once made a mistake of not making sure the chest clip was in the right place and got told by a friend who works for Britax online that I needed to be more careful! Mistakes happen! But, when you are a pop culture celebrity there is no room for mistakes like that, because parent’s will call you out because they want safe kids, not to be mean or to bully you!

Here is a video to help!

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Kim innocently, shared a pic of her toddler asleep in the back seat next to one of her friends and captioned it, "Knocked out!" And while it seems like a harmless pic, viewers are attacking her for not having the kids strapped into the car seat the correct way.

One person wrote, "If she gets in a car accident it could cause major damage to the child. it's called a chest clip for a reason.."

While others chimed in saying things like, "Straps are way too loose and chest clips are not even in the proper position. Sad, Kim. That's your child's life," and "Learn how to strap in a toddler!! Geeze!!"

Other parents have been quick to jump to her defense, saying that no mother is perfect.

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"We are all human. If I go down some of these people's pix [sic] they are doing things that don't look quite perfect," one user wrote.

Knocked out! ❤️

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