LEGO Reveals It Will Include A Character In A Wheelchair To Embrace Diversity

Jan 28, 2016 at 3:19 pm |

Up until now, popular children’s toy LEGO hadn’t included any characters with disabilities, a fact that advocates Toy Like Me has been trying to change. The #ToyLikeMe campaign was launched last April and now LEGO has responded.

At a toy fair in both London and Nuremberg, LEGO has unveiled their first disabled character. The character, wearing a beanie hat and using a wheelchair, was also pictured alongside what looks like a service dog. Promobricks released a video of the latest character, included in an upcoming Lego City set as well a video detailing all the new characters.





After a months long campaign by #ToyLikeMe to get Lego to include a disabled character in one of their playsets, the company unveiled their first figure using a wheelchair and service dog.