Little Girl Asks For A Turkey For Christmas To Save It From Becoming Dinner!

Dec 4, 2015 at 6:53 pm |

Valerie Lucky Turkey

Source: Youtube/ClipStorm video


When Melissa Bryson asked her daughter, 6 year old Athena, what she wanted for Christmas this year, she got a response that’s not so typical of your average 6 year old. “She wanted to save a turkey for Christmas so nobody would eat it,” Melissa told The Belfast Telegraph.

According to her mom, little Athena has been a vegetarian since she was about 5 years old because of her love of animals, a decision her family respects even though they eat meat. So Athena wanted to adopt a turkey in to the family so that it would be saved from becoming someone’s Christmas dinner.

“She doesn’t like dolls and toys. She just loves animals.

“Last year, she got lambs and bottle-fed them as they didn’t have a mother, and she has an incubator for chicks too.

“She came to us this year and said for Christmas she wanted to save a turkey’s life.

Watch the adorable video here!

A little animal activist in the making…she is so sweet.