Looking Great at the Gym

Looking Great at the Gym

Back in the day, I used to wear one of those one-piece workout leotards. I spared the world a little at least–I wore spandex capris underneath. Oh, yeah. God bless the ’80s and the Jane Fonda.

Somewhere between leg warmers and warming baby bottles, I lost the desire to look good at the gym. I traded in fashion for function, wearing baggy shirts and sweatpants. I guess I figured that if I only had only two seconds to get ready for the gym, and I was lucky I was even finding the time to go in the first place, looking good didn’t really matter. Besides, I didn’t want to be categorized with the fluff balls with full faces of makeup,  dangle earrings flopping up and down on the Elliptical.

But as it turns out, looking good at the gym is…achem…no sweat. If you’re working hard for your body…so hard for it, honey…why not show it off? No matter your body type, here are a few tips on choosing the right workout wear.


Skirt Sports


Pear shaped: Forget those trendy bottoms with stripes down the side. They’ll only call attention to your hips. Instead wear light colors on top to draw eyes up and away from your trouble areas. Flared yoga pants are your best bet to balance and lengthen. Above: Skirt Sports WonderGirl Tank, $44


Boyish shape: To create curves, choose tops with ruched sides and pants with a pop of color at the waist. A good sports bra with just a bit of padding and a top with low neckline (or if you’re lucky you’ll find a two-in-one) will help enhance your form.  Above: Athleta Bra Cup Empire Vee Neck Tank, $39

Old Navy Capri
Old Navy

Apple shaped: Tops that cinch below the waist do virtual ab work for defining your middle and concealing your tummy. Fitted capris flatter toned legs. Avoid flared bottoms, since they will only throw off your proportions by creating bulk. Above: Old Navy Yoga Capri, $16.50

New Balance

Hourglass:  V- or scoop-neck with details near your midsection show off a trim waist while accentuating the Girls. Wearing shorts or a workout skirt can help balance out your shape. Important: Don’t hide behind loose clothes. They’ll only make you appear larger. Above:  New Balance’s NBx Sublimated Tank, $49.99


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