Disney’s Magic Cruise gets an updated look!

Disney’s Magic Cruise gets an updated look!

A Magical Make Over:  With a sprinkle of Pixie dust, Disney’s Magic Cruise gets an updated look…

The Disney Magic, the first ship in Disney Cruise Line’s fleet, originally launched 15 years ago. Everyone needs a make over after 15 years, and the ship was recently nipped and tucked (or “re-imagined” in Disney language.)

During six weeks in dry dock, the Magic received a stem-to-stern update. The Magic now features fresh new spaces and attractions. My family and I were recently able to spend 4 days aboard the ship. We have now sailed on all of the Disney Cruise Line ships – twice on the Wonder and on the media sailings for both the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy. After five cruises, my family and I have amassed an impressive collection of DCL lanyards! Here is our travel diary.

Day 1

After an easy drive from South Florida to Port Canaveral, we drop our luggage off curbside and park in the covered parking garage. It’s a cold and blustery day in Central Florida. (To all of the northerners, be fair! Fifty-five is downright freezing when you are used to 80-degree weather!)

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Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen is the founder of JLC Consulting, a public relations and marketing firm that services profit and nonprofit clients. Jennifer is also a freelance writer and photographer for many publications, including The Miami Herald. While Jennifer loves finding the hottest and newest products and styles she is also a fan of classic clothes that never go out of style.

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1 thought on “Disney’s Magic Cruise gets an updated look!”

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