Mall Santa Stuns Onlookers With Incredible Act of Kindness

Dec 8, 2015 at 9:44 am |

Mali Phoenix Williams-Cody is 3 years old and like most 3 year olds, she was very excited to go and visit Santa Claus at her local mall. When it was Mali’s turn to sit on Santa’s knee, she did so eagerly, but when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas, Mali’s mom apologized and explained that she didn’t speak very well.

Santa immediately looked at Mali’s mom and asked if the girl signed. When mom responded that yes, she did know some signs, Santa began to communicate with little Mali using sign language, asking her if she’d like a doll for Christmas, bringing out quite the smile on the little girl’s face!

Once again this is just another example of the amazing Christmas spirit we’ve been seeing this year. From the Santa who posed with a sleeping baby to the Santa that got on the floor to play with an autistic child, it just goes to show how truly magical and awesome Santa Clause really is!

The manager of the shopping centre, Graeme Skillen, said that one of the reasons they hired this Santa was because of his ability to work with children with special needs.

“He works through the week at a school for children with special needs, so he learned the sign language via that,” Skillen said. “It was one of the things that really appealed to us.”

“Obviously, he’s a great Santa anyway, but when he said that, that he was able to communicate and handle any kind of disability, we were really keen to get him in.”

“The little girl herself was over the moon. Her face lit up as she got off the stage,” he said. “It was really one of those special Christmas moments that captured everyone’s imagination.”

Check out the adorable video of Santa with Mali below and SHARE the Christmas Spirit.

Such a beautiful, heartwarming moment.