Man With Alzheimer’s Creates A Video Asking Friends And Family To Please Come And Visit

Jan 13, 2016 at 2:55 am |

Alan Beamer is a 66 year old man with Alzheimer’s disease. Last week he and his wife MaryBeth filmed a video that he posted to his facebook page just asking that his friends and family still come and visit and treat him like the ‘same old person’ he is inside.

In a tearful video, Beamer says that Alzheimer’s is a ‘mean, mean one of the meanest things I’ve ever seen in my life.’ After his wife asks him what he wants from family and friends, Alan responds that he ‘needs them to know he’s the same old person’ and that he wishes that his friends would still come up and talk to him like they did before, and that they’d still joke around with him. He tells his wife that he feels like his friends are afraid of him and that they talk around him instead of to him.

Beamer continues to tear up throughout the video and with the enouragement of his wife he continues to tell his friends that he loves them, but he wishes they’d stay longer than 5 minutes, and that he’d love it if they’d stay for a while and talk about what’s really happening in his life. He says he doesn’t like to talk about his disease and would rather just ignore it, but it’s a reality of his life. His wife then goes on to reiterate that this is their normal so they really need their friends to come and support them and come and visit Alan.

Alan Beamer and his wife Mary Beth created the heartbreaking video to show friends that Alan is the ‘same old person’ despite his Alzheimer’s and that all they want is for friends and family to stop by and spend some time with them.