Why I Disagree With Latch NYC

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Earlier this week I read about  Mayor Bloomberg’s “Latch On NYC” initiative, which asks hospitals to keep formula samples under lock-and-key and requires a “breastfeeding talk”  to encourage moms to breast feed every time a mother wants to use formula.  “The key to getting more moms to breast-feed is making the formula less accessible.”   I AM OFFENDED! PLAIN and SIMPLE!!!

Although, I agree with Mayor Bloomberg that this is important, it needs attention, a conversation that we need to talk about … but, his solution is incredibly insulting. I think there are far more productive ways of handling this then belittling the choice a mother wants to make on her own.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Disagree With Latch NYC”

  1. We read your blog posting with interest and wanted to respond and address several inaccuracies.

    Your piece states that we ask “hospitals to keep formula samples under lock-and-key and requires a “breastfeeding talk” to encourage moms to breast feed every time a mother wants to use formula.”

    This is actually not the case:

    •       In fact, the initiative does not require hospitals to “hide” or “lock up” formula, nor does it restrict access to
    it for those who want it.

    •         Parents who want formula will not have to convince a nurse to sign it out by giving a medical reason. Parents can and always will be able to simply ask for formula and receive it – no medical necessity
    required, no written consent.

    •         For 3 years, New York State Law has required that mothers be provided accurate information on the
    benefits of breastfeeding. The City initiative does not require that mothers asking for formula receive a

    Ultimately, our goal is to support a mother in whatever decision she makes when it comes to nursing her
    baby and this initiative specifically is designed to support a mother who decides that she wants to breast-
    feed by asking participating hospital staff to respect her and refrain from automatically supplementing her
    baby with formula (unless it becomes medically necessary or the mother changes her mind).

    Bottom line: It does not restrict the mother’s nursing options in any way – nor does it restrict access to formula for those who want it.

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