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Kids are always ahead of the curve when it comes to technology so it isn’t surprising they want to be on the newest social media platforms. As parents we worry about it – there’s no parental supervision on these apps and even if there was, most of us probably don’t even understand how the app works to keep an eye on things.

Thankfully we found a company that is tackling this issue for us parents! Mazu has made something just for families and we think it’s the new must-have app for families with kids 7-11.

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Credit Mazu

We came across Mazu through one of their sports apps. Mazu builds kids club apps for some of the biggest names in professional sports like the Chicago Blackhawks, Buffalo Bills and LA Clippers. Clearly they must be doing something right, so we wanted to see what they were all about.

The more we looked into the app, the more we liked it. They’re working to create an online experience that brings the whole family together. To keep kids safe, they have tools that eliminates bad language and bullying and through daily creative challenges they’re building a community where all kids can feel welcome. Kids can explore a variety of clubs like Club Space, Club Food and Club Cinema. They also include some Clubs from their top sports teams. There are group chats, daily content and opportunities to learn and play every day. The posts encourage users to get out in the real world and do things like physical activities or art projects. Best of all, parents are kept involved every step of the way using their Family Manager Tool.

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Credit Mazu

Creating an account is so simple. Parents and kids each get their own accounts, but it’s best to let the kids sign up first. (Isn’t it always kids first?!) Once you download the app from either the App Store or Google Play store, all you need is a username, password and your email address.

Parents will receive an email to authorize their children’s account so they can get the full Mazu experience. Kids can still access the app without it, but they can’t comment, participate in chat or upload any content until an adult says it is okay. Parents are then prompted to make their own account. Make sure you use the same email address to get all the benefits of connecting your accounts together.

Then you’re ready to play! You can explore the clubs and create group chats which they call family groups. Chat with the whole family (including aunts, uncles, and grandparents,) or chat one on one. It’s great for smaller chats with just Mom or Dad or for siblings to talk to one another. (A mom can dream, right?)

Mazu’s flagship product is available in the App Store and Google Play store and we think it’s the new must-have app for families with kids 7-11. Just search Mazu from your mobile device’s store or go to

Right now they’re running a super fun Instagram promotion. Repost this image to your Instagram, share your favorite family activity using the hashtag #MazuFamily and tag @mazufamily for your chance to win a $100 VISA Gift Card to be spent on your next family activity!

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Credit Mazu



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