Minnie Driver’s New Son’s Name

Minnie Driver’s New Son’s Name

minnie driver The Baby Name Guru….. Minnie Driver didn’t send me a news release to announce the arrival of her baby boy, Henry Story.

I came across the news in a short article on the Internet this morning, which said she had been considering naming the baby Isabel (if it were a girl) and Thomas (if it were a boy). I mention this because it gives us a clue about her mindset. Her final choice and her top options strike me as traditional. Unlike some celebrities, she was considering names her child could live with comfortably. Henry Story 5-Star Baby Name Advisor. (Perhaps she consulted my book before making her choice.) Henry has a German origin and means “ruler of the household.” The name reminds people of a scholarly professor—like Henry Higgins of My Fair Lady. The name is easy to spell and pronounce, its gender association is clear, and it provides some useful nicknames (Hank and Harry). All of these factors help explain why it’s likely to be a pleasure to live with—for Minnie and for her son. When I like a celebrity’s choice of a first name, I tend to give a free pass to the middle name; in this case, Story. I pay close attention to the middle name only when the first name strikes me as a risky choice. That’s when you need a middle name that provides a safe fallback-position. Here, Henry doesn’t need a fallback option, so Story can be more unique. My verdict: Two thumbs up! Bruce Lansky is North America ’s #1 author of baby name books. His books have sold over 11 million copies. His latest name book is 5-Star Baby Name Advisor.


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