Mom Creats App That Allows Parents To Shut Down Their Kids Smartphones

three girls chatting with their smartphones

three girls chatting with their smartphones

Lisa Mullins is a single mom of two girls, age 15 and 12. Being that she’s a single mom who works full time, Lisa bought her daughters Madi and Katie their own smartphones so that they could reach her at any time, and she could reach them.

Of course, as what happens with a lot of us parents who buy our kids smartphones, Lisa started to notice that 15 year old Madi had become a bit ‘obsessed’ with her phone, telling Yahoo! ‘“It was a consistent issue. She’d be up in her room on FaceTime until 2 a.m. She’d be talking to her friends and downloading all these apps. She just would not put the phone down.”

Lisa explains that grounding Madi from her phone wasn’t always reasonable, because if she had to go to work or be out of the house she wanted her teen to be able to get in touch with her at a moments notice. It was then that she thought ahead to when Madi would be able to drive, and she panicked thinking that Madi might not be responsible with her phone to not use it while she’s driving.

“I could just see her, driving home from the mall, texting about how so-and-so broke up with someone, and in the instant that she wasn’t focusing, hitting a tree or running over a person in front of her,” recalls Lisa. “That’s how quickly it happens, and that scared me. I don’t want someone’s life to be over because of a two-second mistake my daughter could make trying to multitask. And I don’t want to lose my daughter over a piece of technology.”

“The only other things out there were to block texting and driving, but there’s still so much that kids do on their phones: camera, Instagram, Internet.”

That’s when Lisa decided to do something about it herself and develop her own app that would allow parents to control their childrens smartphones. The result was ParentBlocked. With Parent Blocked you can take full control of your kids’ smartphone, including shutting off texting as soon as your the car exceeds 10mph.

Lisa says that Madi’s not too thrilled with her mom’s new app, but she’s thrilled with it saying  “It gives me peace of mind that my kids aren’t going to be posting selfies as they drive down the street.”

I have to say, I would hope that my kids are smart enough to know that they can’t use their phone when they drive, and we don’t use our phones in the car because we know they’re watching, but I like the idea of this app. I especially like that this mom recognized that the phone might be an issue for her daughter and did something about it. I have a few more years before I have to worry about my eldest driving, but this is one app that would definitely give me some piece of mind.




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